Strong Girls

Strength training for girls aged 8-15

Strong Girls is a fun, strength-training and confidence-building program for girls 8-16 years old.

Whether they play sports or not, this program will give the girls life skills they can take into the world. Topics include role models, goal setting, positive body image, and how and why to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


Next Class:

8-11 years old

  • April 10- June 14, 2018

  • Tuesday for 10 weeks

  • 730 p.m.

  • $160.00 plus GST

12-16 years old

  • April 10- June 14, 2018

  • Tuesday and Thursday for 10 weeks

  • $300.00 plus gst




Instructor Tiffany Armstrong has been involved in sport and strength training since a young age. Sports and physical activity taught her important life skills, and gave her some of her best friends. Now she wants to pass on what she’s learned.