Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign a contract?
No! We do not do contracts at PACE. All we ask is 30 days notice when you want to end your time with us. However, if you do purchase a package or pay a year in advance, you must cancel within 30 days -- after that time has passed we cannot issue a refund.

Do I have to be an athlete?
We are all athletes of some sort! But no, you do not have to be an athlete. Whatever your goals are, we have a program for you.

Do you provide nutritional advice?
We sure do, but we are not dieticians.

Do you have daycare?
Unfortunately, we do not have daycare due to our limited space.

What is bootcamp?
A “bootcamp” is small group training. Everyone does the same basic exercises, but each motion is modified for individuals depending on their needs and wants. 

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